December 31st is National Champagne Day and, Ms. China Moon's Birthday


#HappyBirthday to me and #Happy #NationalChampagneDay to you! Pop open a #bottle of your #favorite #bubbly and remember to ALWAYS drink RESPONSIBLY and don't even think about drinking and driving. Grab a #Lyft, I'll even give you a comp #code: CHINAMOON069232 ; or, if you prefer #Uber: chinam193ue .

Post your 12/31 shenagins to #Bartender608, #PourService2017 and #NationalChampagneDay on social media.

Stay Warm! Stay Safe! Stay Classy! 

¡Salud! Cheers! 


China Moon

What's poppin'?

Bartender 608/Bartender 718 is my baby; I have enjoyed Bartending for over twenty (20) years and enjoy bringing the party to people.  Please consider hiring my Cocktail Catering services in the Southern WI, Northern IL areas or your destination event!

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