How to make a Colorado Bulldog

Greetings mi gente; while I'm up past my ankles in snow here in Wisconsin, this Bartender 608 Drink of the Week (#608DOTW) is a favorite among our West Coast brethren.  The Colorado Bulldog!

You can shake this drink or, prepare it layered--CAUTION; if you're layering, do it in the following order or your milk will curdle therefore forcing you to maybe gag and turn this into a shaken drink anyway...

In a highball glass, build the following over ice:

  1. 1 part vodka [1st]
  2. 1 part coffee liquor [2nd]

  3. 2 parts Half and Half or cream poured over the back of a bar spoon [3rd]

  4. Cola [Final to Top-Off]

Enjoy!  Salud! Cheers!  Please SUBSCRIBE, like and comment!