How to make an In & Out Gin Martini

Greetings mi gente, today's Drink of the Week is the In and Out Martini.  The name refers to the mixing method of this classic martini.

Chill your cocktail glass, set aside.

(Ideally, your martini gin/vodka should be in the freezer)

- 6 parts gin

- 2 parts dry vermouth

- Olives (or lemon rind)

In a mixing glass pour in 2 parts dry vermouth; swish and toss out.

In the same mixing glass over fresh ice pour 6 parts gin and

( ( ( STIR ) ) ) for 10 seconds to get a nice, frosty chill.

Dump the ice water in your chilling cocktail glass.

Top your mixing glass with a Hawthorne strainer and strain into your chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with the infamous green olive. may have noticed the abundance of greenery on MY drink. Why?

Well... One olive isn't enough.

Two olives are bad luck.

And I have a thing for the number three (3) so; yeah. There's that.

Chill and Enjoy. Please comment, heart and subscribe. Ciao!