CMC's Thirsty Thursday's


Bartending is a craft; a skilled labor (& no, not just physical)--to me like Wait Staff, Construction workers, Photographers, Executive's Assistants, a Teacher or a Barber/Hairdresser.

Yes. We have Real Jobs. We own it.

Personally, Bartenders are actual solid members of the working class. Back in the day, a Bartender was a respectable profession and now to many seems, (pardon the pun-) diluted.

Try going to work on a daily basis without your hair or nails nice and neat. Or running a company without "your help." Try enjoying that nice new restaurant/hotel without those Servers or Housekeepers and see how far you get.

I'm personally not into the flair bartending thing or the crazy, creamy new fangled shots, etc. But, I don't knock anothers hustle just because they're doing their thing differently me.

There's room. And, as a Bartender who happens to be Woman with a few shades of hue; I wish there were more talk and history about us.

It takes one to know one, and an inspiring drink or cocktail from a great Bartender has all the benevolence of a hot, buttered rum.