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How to make An Old Fashioned (from scratch)

Today's Recipe is How to make An Old Fashioned from scratch:

Grab an Old Fashioned glass and set aside.

In a mixing glass combine:

  •  Half a bar spoon of a mix of granulated and brown sugar
  •  Splash of club soda
  •  3-4 dashes each of Orange & Old Fashioned Bitters
  • Muddle the above to break down and dissolve the bitters to 'marry them' with the sugar and water
  • Add some GOOD ice
  • Pour in your Brandy (or Whiskey)
  • Drizzle some Italian Amarena cherry juice over and in between the ice

( ( ( STIR ) ) )

  • Grab your old fashioned glass from earlier and place a BIG block of ice (sphere or cube) into it
  • Place a julep strainer over your mixing glass and pour your cocktail into your awaiting glass of ice
  • Squeeze the oil of a lemon rind over the glass and 'rim the rim'
  • Add an Italian Amarena stemless cherry by Filthy Food


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