China Moon did some urban gardening today...

Good Evening,


I got outside around 12 Noon today and got in about an hour ago. Yesterday I went to pick up the supplies I would need for today and lemme tell you--I. Got. Down.

..literally; I was dancing in and out of the garage to my Bluetooth speaker placing everything outside. Don't judge; Ms. China's got moves.

Everytime this time of year rolls around I get very nostalgic; I remember being in the garden with my Grandmother elbows deep in tomato vines and equal conversation. I miss her dearly. She's one of the reasons I like working with my hands and am very serious about my craft; whether working as The Intoxicologist or, Private Dining Manager, I take pride in my work, appearance and reputation. Freshness is key.

Speaking of freshness; lets get into what I planted today! 


Bell peppers

4 varieties of hot peppers

3 varieties of tomato


2 varieties of green beans





Broccoli and


Enjoy your evening; time to retire with a comforting Rum & RC Cola while resting my #GreenThumb.