So, I was selected for episode 10 of Car to Table


"Car to Table is courtesy of Isthmus Madison and MINI of Madison.  This is episode 10 and features Giovanni Novella, chef at Fresco Rooftop Restaurant in Madison.  I invited my mother over for the meal that evening.  Giovanni and host David Rodriguez stop by my place place to whip up a meal for my Mother Robin and I with mystery ingredients from Metcalfe's Market."

It was a pleasant and tasty dinner.

It's December 10th; Happy National Lager Day!

It's #December10th; Happy #NationalLagerDay!  Hit up a Mom & Pop pub or pick up a 6-pack of a local #brewed one today to enjoy yourselves a frosty one.

Fun Facts:

🍺 Lager is #fermented and conditioned at slow, low, and cooler temperatures.

🍺 Lager roots from the German word of #lagern meaning "to store."

🍺 Lagers are light & airy and they pair quite well with many foods. (Weird that this holiday is celebrated in December vs. a summer month...)

🍺 Lagers aren't just light in color; they come in lines of #bronze, to #gold to #amber depending on the ingredients & #brewingtechniques.

🍺 #DrinkWisconsinbly/#DrinkResponsibly when knocking back any spirited beverages please.

🍺 #Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world behind #water and #tea and #ChinaMoon still hasn't a thing for beer.

🍺 Remember this and other fun #drinkingholidays by ordering your Bartender 608 #CocktailCalendar today!