It's December 10th; Happy National Lager Day!

It's #December10th; Happy #NationalLagerDay!  Hit up a Mom & Pop pub or pick up a 6-pack of a local #brewed one today to enjoy yourselves a frosty one.

Fun Facts:

🍺 Lager is #fermented and conditioned at slow, low, and cooler temperatures.

🍺 Lager roots from the German word of #lagern meaning "to store."

🍺 Lagers are light & airy and they pair quite well with many foods. (Weird that this holiday is celebrated in December vs. a summer month...)

🍺 Lagers aren't just light in color; they come in lines of #bronze, to #gold to #amber depending on the ingredients & #brewingtechniques.

🍺 #DrinkWisconsinbly/#DrinkResponsibly when knocking back any spirited beverages please.

🍺 #Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world behind #water and #tea and #ChinaMoon still hasn't a thing for beer.

🍺 Remember this and other fun #drinkingholidays by ordering your Bartender 608 #CocktailCalendar today! 


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