Ms. Moon's Bitches Brew

This year’s batch (as always) is Guaranteed to make your horns come out…

Happy Halloween! This year's Creepshow concoction is NOT for the faint of heart as I'm going to lose a lot of you after the #Everclear addition...

Ms. Moon's Bitches Brew Recipe:

  • White Rum

  • Hennessey

  • Sweetened Lime Juice

  • Raspberry liqueur

  • Blue Curacao

  • Everclear & Blackberry puree

  • Top with Squirt & Fruit Punch!

  • Garnish with lemon and cherry devil horns--

    #HappyHalloween | #HalloweenDrinks

For All Eternity Earthworms

Anyone can do 'drunken gummies' but these bad boys will bury you deep! 

* Gummy Worms in a glass bowl

* Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice  

* Plum Bitters  

* Framboise Raspberry Liqueur  

 * Everclear (NO SMOKING!)

Soak overnight and cover with plastic wrap.  

Enjoy as a garnish to your favorite cocktail in the days to come!