Mardi Gras! Carnival! Fat Tuesday! Shrove Tuesday! Pancake Tuesday!


  • Louisiana is the only state in which Mardi Gras is a legal holiday. However, elaborate carnival festivities draw crowds in other parts of the United States during the Mardi Gras season as well.

    FYI: King Cake is only eaten during Mardi Gras.  It is braided, laced with cinnamon, and the dough is then glazed with purple, green and gold sugar or covered in icing in those same Mardi Gras colors. What really sets king cake apart from other desserts, however, is the small plastic baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby in his or her slice must buy the next cake/cocktail or, host the next party!

    Tasty HURRICANE recipe is as follows:

    2 oz. Dark rum

    2 oz. White rum

    2 oz. Passion fruit juice

    1 oz. Orange juice

    1 oz. Lime juice

    1⁄2 oz. Simple syrup

    1⁄2 oz. Grenadine

    Build over ice in a pint glass. Top with a Boston shaker.

( ( ( SHAKE WELL ) ) ) and strain into a large Hurricane glass (or pint glass) filled with that GOOD ice.

Garnish with an orange half-wheel & a maraschino cherry.

Enjoy; salud! Cheers!